Qatar Travel Diary

To link with Qatar’s involvement in the V&A Pearls Exhibition and the country’s extensive history with pearls.  I have written a travel blog about my time in Doha.

Visiting Doha in Qatar for the first time, I am going to visit my brother who lives in the aptly named: ‘The Pearl’.  A series of adjacent residential high-rises on the outskirts of the city.  The area looks out onto the sea and is named consequentially due to the history of pearl fishing in Qatar.

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Pearls Exhibition At The V&A Museum

Discover the heritage of Pearls, at the V&A in collaboration with Qatar Museum authority. With this in mind, we talk to Hubert Bari, co-curator of the equiste show for a closer look at the history of the pearling trade.

Since antiquity, pearls have commanded a certain allure. Throughout much of recorded history, the pearl has stood as an enduring symbol of wealth and power. Before the advent of cultured pearls in the early 1900’s natural pearls were so rare and expensive, they were reserved for Royals and Nobles. European monarchs and Eastern rulers alike were enchanted by the rarity of pearls; royal jewels and regalia were embellished with the gem to demonstrate dynastic authority and prosperity.

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