Transforming from one era to another

As the world welcomes a new year, inspired by Elizabeth I and her people, we look back in history to see what it would be like to wear court attire today.

Elizabeth I and her people is an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery that explores the reign of Elizabeth I through the lives and portraiture of her subjects. The show delves into a time of new enterprise and opportunity, with emerging professions that lead to the rise of the so-called ‘middle sorts.’

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Looking at jewellery through the ages, I will explore the changes in crafting technique that different cultures practiced and analyse the variances in meaning.

Elements of jewellery formed from stone, shells and bone still survive from prehistoric times.  Perhaps used as a ward against danger or as a display of status.

A lot of archaeological jewellery that survives derives from tombs, once accompanying its dead companion into the afterlife.  Jewellery had early associations with ritualistic beliefs and practices.

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Young and Inspiring Sportlight: I am Malala 

Young Malala Yousafzai has astonished the world with her courage, tenacity and grace. The Pakistani women’s rights activist and education advocate, who Taliban gunmen attempted to assassinate in 2012, is now fully recovered from the horrific attack.

A year on, Yousafzai is adjusting to life in a girl’s private school in Birmingham, England. Yousafzai has astounded the international community with her gallantry; there was no anger or bitterness in her public address to the UN, just an urgency to advance the campaign for education. With her finger pointed to the heavens, she called upon the children of the world to “pick up our books and pens…the most powerful weapons.”

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Chain of Pearls 


Mother, I shall weave a chain of pearls for thy neck

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