In celebration of the lead up to Christmas, here is a beautifully intricate filigree button made in Iceland in the nineteenth century, made from silver sheet with open filigree.  Jewellery made in Iceland and Lapland retains a stylistic quality similar to Medieval design.

Image courtesy of the V&A online collections.


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Dharavi Art Room: Dharavi Slums. Mumbai, India

As well as articles on jewellery, Pearl Ellis would like to inform our reader's about the work of charities.  As we are passionate about the work that charities do to help children around the world.  A percentage of our profits goes towards supporting children within the Dharavi slum in Mumbai.  

One of the projects from the slum that will be a focus of this article is the 'Dharavi Art Room'.  The space was started by the organisation 'Bombay Underground', and is run by the support of 'Reality Gives'.  The project encourages the creativity of the children in the community, offering a location to learn and practice painting, drawing and photography and to have a space to display their creations.  

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As Vice President of Sales for Jeff Cooper, 40 year old, Atlanta based Barbara Palumbo has stories to tell about the Jewellery business, I sat down with her to hear some of those enthralling tales and her thoughts on adornment today.

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