International Children’s Art                       


The LIGIA or London International Gallery of Children’s Art was founded at Southbank International School in Hampstead in 1993.   They are a registered charity that host exhibitions of children’s art from both around the world and locally to London.  The most recent exhibition entitled “Save our Mangrove Forests: Portraits by Sri Lankan Children” included a variety of mixed media artwork giving an insight into the lives of children in Sri Lanka.  Featuring work created by fishing community children living in southern Sri Lanka, by young people whose lives were devastated by the 2004 tsunami.  The pieces selected showed a first-hand account of the importance of mangrove forests to the livelihood of coastal villages.

The ability for children to express their creativity through art is important for Pearl Ellis; we feel that children’s imaginations should be celebrated.  The capacity for children to have their work displayed in a public context allows for a sense of recognition of early talent.  Acknowledging young artists from all over the world, like the LIGIA also allows us a glimpse into children’s daily lives that can vary greatly from our own.

Image below from “Save our Mangrove Forests: Portraits by Sri Lankan Children” exhibition at Waterlow Park Centre, Highgate.  Image courtesy of LIGCA website. 

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