In relation to 'the art of not doing much'

A small contemplation about nothing in particular

Taking the time to be calm and peaceful is an art in itself.  In the previous article, I reflected on the IINDM (The Art of Not Doing Much), which gives a tongue in cheek approach to relaxing, taking 'sophisticated life in the slow lane'.  What is it that allows this process to begin… this active participation in doing nothing?  

I believe that taking a moment for calm and quiet, beyond that of sleep is important.  With the rush and chaos of daily life, calming the mind and the senses and gaining focus on nothing, or something greater is something that society has begun to lose.  Classic novels remind us of a time when most people had less to do and therefore more time to focus, even the concentration on monotony in a way was a form of meditation.  

There is also definitely something in the beauty of the landscape that sparks this feeling of calm and serenity, a concept that has inspired Romantic artists for many years.  Be it the sheer breadth of a space, such as a snowy-topped mountain vista overlooking a crystal clear lake, or the intimate beauty of a narrow trail through woodland, sheltered by arching trees, with the sunlight flickering through the branches.  It is these thoughts that give me a sense of calm, for each of us it is certainly different as we are all unique. 

My fragmented composition of thought seeks to add to the simplicity of our blog and to provoke reflection in the minds of our readers.


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