Young and Inspiring Spotlight:  Pearl Ellis takes a look at  the very bright Fahma Mohamed.


As a junior trustee of Integrate Bristol Mohamed has petitioned for Michael Gove to end FGM in the UK, by urging every school to train teachers and educate parents.  The campaign has gathered momentum with over 250,000 people signing the Guardian backed petition, leading to a meeting with the Education Sectary who has agreed to send guidelines to schools on keeping children safe by Easter. The campaign aims to save thousands of school age girls from being cut during the summer holidays, it is believed that some  take their daughters abroad to have them cut. 

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Transforming from one era to another

As the world welcomes a new year, inspired by Elizabeth I and her people, we look back in history to see what it would be like to wear court attire today.

Elizabeth I and her people is an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery that explores the reign of Elizabeth I through the lives and portraiture of her subjects. The show delves into a time of new enterprise and opportunity, with emerging professions that lead to the rise of the so-called ‘middle sorts.’

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Young and Inspiring Sportlight: I am Malala 

Young Malala Yousafzai has astonished the world with her courage, tenacity and grace. The Pakistani women’s rights activist and education advocate, who Taliban gunmen attempted to assassinate in 2012, is now fully recovered from the horrific attack.

A year on, Yousafzai is adjusting to life in a girl’s private school in Birmingham, England. Yousafzai has astounded the international community with her gallantry; there was no anger or bitterness in her public address to the UN, just an urgency to advance the campaign for education. With her finger pointed to the heavens, she called upon the children of the world to “pick up our books and pens…the most powerful weapons.”

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As Vice President of Sales for Jeff Cooper, 40 year old, Atlanta based Barbara Palumbo has stories to tell about the Jewellery business, I sat down with her to hear some of those enthralling tales and her thoughts on adornment today.

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Qatar Travel Diary

To link with Qatar’s involvement in the V&A Pearls Exhibition and the country’s extensive history with pearls.  I have written a travel blog about my time in Doha.

Visiting Doha in Qatar for the first time, I am going to visit my brother who lives in the aptly named: ‘The Pearl’.  A series of adjacent residential high-rises on the outskirts of the city.  The area looks out onto the sea and is named consequentially due to the history of pearl fishing in Qatar.

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