In celebration of Easter, here is a beautiful board game from 1808 of 'Mother Goose and the Golden Egg' by John Wallis

Here are some of the moves in the game!  

1. Mother Goose mounted on a gander - Pay 4 to secure her favour. 
 3. Mother Goose's Retreat. 
 5. Colin receiving the goose from Mother Goose, who tells him to give the Egg to Avaro, Colinette's father. Take Up 2. 
 7. Colin shows the golden egg to Avaro who wants him to kill the goose, that he may give him all the eggs at once, before he marries Colinette. 
 9. Colin, having, ungratefully consented to kill the goose, presented him by his best friend, is changed by Mother Goose to Harlequin, and Colinette to Columbine. Pay 3 for Ingratitude. 
 11. The mock dance between the Clown and Harlequin, dressed as a Barrow woman. Stay 1 turn to see this.  

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